No 2 Dry Vetiver

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Quod candles are genuine Swedish handcraft. 

All of our candles are made from organic soya wax, which has a low melting point enabling a particularly high fragrance saturation. Our wax is completely vegan, naturally paraffin free and is not tested on innocent animals (apart from our husbands).


Keep the wick short and allow your candle to burn at least until the wax is melted all the way to the edge of the jar. Make sure to always remove the lid while the candle is burning.


*If cared for properly, each candle burns for up to 80 hours.
**First enjoy the fragrance of your candle, and then refill it or transform your unique, hand-glazed porcelain jar into a vase and fill it with your favorite flowers.



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114 31 - Stockholm,

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