Flower Care Guide 

The best tips on how to care for your flowers to last longer.

Fresh Cold Water 

When you get a new bouquet, take all the paper out, place it in a suitable vase with fresh cold water.

Watch out for the leaves

No leaves under the water surface, specially if its roses.

Choosing a Vase 

The bouquet should be comfortable inside the vase, it shouldn't be too tight or too tall. 

Best Places for Your Vase

When to Cut? 

You don't need to cut until day 2-3 because we always cut before sending it. 

How to cut?

Never cut with an unsharp scissor or knife! Always use sharp scissors and trim the stems at least one centimeter, in a 45-degree cut.

Always Wash The Vase 

Always wash the vase/container in hot soapy water.  Bacteria build up in dirty vases and do not go away just because the vase dries out. Give your flowers a fresh clean environment free of bacteria and they will last much longer.

Avoid sitting your flowers beside ripening fruit or vegetables, especially bananas and apples. And keep your cut flowers in a cool dark spot if you would like them to last as long as possible, away from heat and bright light.